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UWS International Cooking Demo

Written by Elizabeth Maeshima, ESLI Director
Published on 2019-01-03
UWS International Cooking Demo
Nov. 17th 2018
The World Student Association sponsored a very successful international cooking demonstration on Saturday.  International students, including current and former ESLI students, spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning preparing recipes from their home countries.  On Saturday afternoon, approximately 150 people from the local community came to taste dishes from around the world. 
WSA Leaders Present the Recipes

Hard at work in the kitchen

Christine and Anthony making Chinese Hot Pot

Ziqi, Lam, and Qiqi with their Pearl Tea

Olivia talks about her Egyptian pasta recipe

Thomas, Qiqi, and Anthony serving the Hot Pot

Hung and Thao serving Vietnamese Sticky Rice 

Nin, Duy, and Hong preparing their recipe

Mao and Rika made Japanese Warabi Mochi

Happy Food Tasters Fiorella and Angelica

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