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SIUE’s School of Engineering Hands-On Learning

Written by Carrie Stewart, ESLI Director
Published on 2018-11-29

SIUE’s School of Engineering is leading the way to the future with exciting student opportunities. This past month the engineering club Cougar Rockets launched their first high-powered rocket, built by the club. The 63 -inch rocket reached 5,000 feet before safely parachuting back down to earth. Cougar Rockets plan to compete in the 2020 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, where they will go against other universities to launch a much bigger student-built rocket to altitudes of at least 10,000 feet! 

If rockets aren’t your thing, how about robots? SIUE’s new mechatronics and robotics undergraduate degree has received grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help prepare the next generation of robotics engineers. 

There are many other hands-on opportunities for students to practice what they are learning in their engineering programs—from solar cars to rockets to robots and the latest motion capture and analysis system in the state—Students receive the best educational experience possible!

(motion capture system video) https://youtu.be/GMV50kv8-3Q


Written by Carrie Stewart

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