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Why ESLI Teaches Local Culture

Written by Susan Priebe, ESLI Director
Published on 2018-11-21

Last week we celebrated Halloween at ESLI TWU.  Sometimes students wonder what pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and dressing up has to do with academic English lessons.  These activities can encourage creativity, leadership, team building, critical thinking and lots of fun too!  School and homework can be stressful, we want to make sure we give our students an opportunity to relax and enjoy their time at ESLI as well.

At ESLI, our goal is not just to get students into university programs, our goal is to help students succeed once they enter their next program and also to build life-long relationships along the way. Understanding and participating in a foreign culture shows that you are genuinely interested in getting to know other people and their culture.  It is during these fun times, that students and staff can really get to know and appreciate each other.


The relationships that form at ESLI will provide support and encouragement throughout university and often beyond. By connecting and building genuine relationships with one another and other local people on and off campus, students can begin to build a network that may lead to future career and/or business opportunities.  So hopefully you will enjoy our culture related activities when you study at ESLI and we look forward to learning more about your culture as well!  


Written by Susan Priebe, Director, ESLI TWU



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