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My Memorable Experience On Fall Trip With ESLI

Written by Bert Li, ESLI Student at TWU
Published on 2018-11-01

A Wonderful Monday


It’s a wonderful Monday with a wonderful trip. Last weekend, I was excited because of our fall school trip coming soon, but I was still worried that it may rain all day Monday. Luckily, Monday was a sunny day, so we could enjoy it. In the morning, I woke up early and I couldn’t wait to go to school. 


Then at 9.00am, we were starting the trip and heading to Vancouver to visit the science museum. However, due to the traffic congestion, it took us an hour and a half to get there, so we use this time to communicate with others and become familiar. It’s very useful. When we arrived there, we were amazed by its design and joined in some interesting games, and Andy looks very happy. 


After two hours, we were going to an island and shopping there, we ate Chinese food and Japanese food. We found some interesting stores and made an exploring game. Finally, when the sun was setting, we knew that we need to go back, yet we shared what we found or bought on the island. This trip made us know more things about this country and some of us become friends. Nothing there was boring, boring doesn’t enter into that Monday’s trip!  

Written by Bert Li, ESLI at TWU

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