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Adapt Into The US Culture

Written by Carrie Stewart, ESLI Director
Published on 2018-10-18

SIUE’s GAP is ready to help you adapt to the local culture and begin new friendships that will last a lifetime!

GAP, the Global Ambassador Program of SIUE, uses a “buddy” system to pair international students with domestic students for language sharing and friendship. Students complete “buddy” applications and are paired together based on similar interests—a native Arabic speaker who wants to work on his English could be paired with a domestic student who is working on his Arabic, or a student from Vietnam who wants to make new friends and enjoys skateboarding can be paired with a skater! But GAP is more than just pairing students together; its goal is to foster a network of global friendships for international and domestic students. 

They meet for coffee and conversation, game nights, and various trips to local places of interest, such as the upcoming trip to Braeutigam Orchards for picking pumpkins and a bonfire, a trip to Delmar Loop in St. Louis, or a winter visit to the Forest Park ice skating rink! 

The group also heavily participates in on-campus international related events. GAP is a great way to get to know other students and see the area when you don’t have a car or Illinois driver’s license. For more information on SIUE’s GAP: https://www.facebook.com/SIUEGAP/


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