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Is This Still the Time to Study in USA?

Written by Lei He, ESLI Recruiter
Published on 2018-10-11

We all know that the present political climate in the U.S. is negative to international students, and for all prospective international students, the question “Is this still the time to study in the USA?”. This is the first question they need to answer before making a decision.


In my opinion, it is the right time to study in the USA now:


-The logic and goals of the reform in visa and immigration policies are clear, the U.S. welcomes “pure” and “good students” only, and only the best students are eligible for immigration. From the reform in “reinstatement” and “out of status”, the reform in H1-B policies, etc. we can clearly see the trend. Therefore, for applicants whose goals are to study in the U.S., but not to immigrate to the U.S., you need not worry at all.

-U.S. higher education’s quality and reputation are still the best in the world, and the value of American degrees are higher than any other countries in the employment market.


-At present, with less application, a lot of U.S. schools would like to provide favorable policies to attract international students, such as better scholarship, lower tuition, more intern opportunities, etc. From the viewpoint of economics, you may save money if applying now.


-For students who hope to immigrate, a study in U.S. + immigrate into Canada can be a good choice. Canadian immigration policies are very friendly now, and American degrees are highly accepted and welcomed in Canada. Comparing with study in Canada + immigrate in Canada, a study in the U.S. means students can choose much more majors, especially the majors which Canadian universities do not offer, and gain the advantages in employment market to accelerate the immigration.

For Chinese students, though there is a lot of negative news on the background of Sino-U.S. trade war, such as “The U.S. considered a ban on student visas for Chinese nationals”, you need not worry at all:


-The restriction focuses on STEM Ph.D. programs, secondary education, undergraduate, most of the graduate programs and non-STEM Ph.D. programs are not affected;


-it is unpractical to close doors to Chinese students. International students, including Chinese students, are indivisible parts of American higher education system, the unreasonable bans will not be supported and accepted in the higher education system;


-The benefits and value of American degrees in the employment market in China and other countries can justify all the inconvenience you have in the U.S.;


-The trade war will end anyway and the relationship between China and the U.S. will come back to normal, at that time, both China and the U.S. will need a lot of professionals with both Chinese and American education background to re-build the trust and cooperation, hence the market demand is still very big.


After analysis, do you still worry whether it is the right time to study in the USA?

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