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Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Trip

Written by ESLI
Published on 2018-02-21

Baseball is often called “America’s favorite pastime.” Louisville Slugger has been around since the late 1800s and is one of the most iconic brands in baseball today. They even boast the world’s largest baseball bat outside of their factory. It stands 120 feet tall! Students at ESLI at Sullivan University recently took a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory to see how the bats are made.

First, students and faculty explored the museum exhibits. They got to see famous baseball artifacts, such as seats from Wrigley Field. They also saw the Silver Slugger trophies that are awarded to the best offensive players in the major league. Students were able to try their hand at pitching by throwing baseballs into a screen which simulated a batter.

After the museum, the group was given a tour of the factory and got to see how the famous Louisville slugger baseball bats are made from start to finish. This included seeing the bats being formed on the lathe, branded, and stained. The factory also has a machine that is programmed to make a bat to certain specifications so if a player wants the exact same bat it is sure to come out the same every time. At the end of the tour each participant was given a mini bat as a souvenir. After the tour, students headed to the theater room where concluded their visit with a film about baseball.

Afterwards, the students headed back to campus for some pizza and games to finish the day. Teachers and students enjoyed spending time together without having to focus on lessons. They played skill games, card games, and word games. This day provided a fun break from studying in the middle of the term when students needed it most. 

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