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Written by Sarah Wetstein
Published on 2017-10-10

On September 29, 2017 my colleague Caleb Pecue and myself attended the Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference at University of Missouri- St. Louis. There were teachers from all disciplines and grade levels in attendance. This conference offered a wide array of sessions to choose from, with many interesting topics. We were able to find topics that suited our teaching situation at ESLi in some way.

Throughout the day we learned about a program called Easy-generator, which allows teachers to create real life job scenarios for students to interact with. We also were taught about how to use google drive features to help our students have better and more productive group discussions. Two other sessions we attended introduced us to many useful strategies and tools to help students work better on group projects, as well as using mobile apps to tell a complete news story using different media websites.

The keynote speech featured a teacher named Therese Hutson, whose research includes studying how teachers feel about teaching outside their expertise. She gave us several excellent ways to handle our classes when we teach outside our comfort zone. Her talk was very relatable, and in the end, gave us more confidence as teachers.

Overall, it was a very productive day, and we left with a lot of great tools to keep in mind as we plan class activities in the future. 

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