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Written by Lyounghee Lian Kim
Published on 2017-09-05
Hello, my name is Lyounghee Lian Kim studying at West Texas A&M University.  I am from South Korea, not North Korea.  I am seriously worried about the world peace though I am out of my country.  Let me tell you about my story about study-abroad to the United States. 

ESLi, the severe and hard, but the most effective English training in Summer
I got up 7:30 in the morning and went to the class until 9:00 a.m.  There were five classes per a day, and we studied until 4:20 p.m. beside the lunch time and 10-minute breaks.  After classes, I had early dinner and then went to the library or my dorm room to do homework.  1-2 a.m. was time to sleep almost every day, but sometimes I studied until 4 a.m. if I had a due date for my essay or presentation.  Not only I did study hard, but also other students taking the summer session did the same.  We seemed like soldiers to fight English!  There were much homework and something to prepare and study. 

If I was satisfied to do just homework, I could rest and play more.  BUT!  I was feeling my improvement about reading articles, expressing my opinion, and understanding hidden contexts in English day by day, so I could put more efforts on studying consistently.  When I was in my country, all subjects including reading, grammar, listening, and speaking were different to take some tests such as TOEIC or TOEFL, and they were not quite relative to each other.  However, studying English in here was comprehensive.  Each subject was connecting and relevant to other classes, and it was a very effective way to learn English.  Besides, I met amazing teachers.  Ms. Chelsea Kirk, my advisor and excellent teacher for the grammar class, she was so smart and had so many experiences about teaching English as a second language.  I still respect and miss her.  Ms. Maddisun Fowler always encouraged me to be proud of myself like my friend and helped me to escape from the trauma regarding public speaking in English.  Mrs. Angi Lang, had so much patient of us, like our mom in the US.  Especially, I appreciate my teachers of intermediate level and will remember their commitment and affection for a long time.

Fall semester for my pre-university level was not too difficult.  Mrs. Candice Copelin practically helped me a lot when I needed to finish my resume for the graduate assistant position and to find a job on campus.  I made more American friends and international friends at that time and could experience about American cultures by visiting friend’s home in San Antonio during Thanks Giving and traveling to New York during X-mas.
What I got from ESLi
English, friends, nice teachers, scholarship for master’s degree program, preparing an attitude of a degree seeking student, and the second hometown in the US.
Tremendous opportunities and I having another vision
I just started my second semester of the graduate program at WT.  I successfully performed a cute literature story on the stage during the Storytelling Festival, and I got 4.0/4.0 GPA for my first semester.  Now I am a teaching assistant for the Basic Public Speaking class for the undergraduate communication major students.  Simultaneously, I am conducting an independent research to give a presentation at professional academic conferences as an MA student.  I came here to study English and to work as a media person, but ESLi and WT gave me valuable opportunities to learn who I was, what I could do more in different fields, and my potentiality to be a professor.  I am still not perfect but trying to improve myself gradually.  I will remember the wonderful people who always support me and ESli as the place in my heart.


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