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ESLI Students Invite WKU Professor to Mexico

Written by Dr. Bob Hatfield, MBA Professor, WKU
Published on 2017-08-15
ESLI Students Invite WKU Professor to Mexico

A group of Mexican students from University Polytechnic of San Luis Potosi took part in an ESLI short-term program last Fall. As part of the program, they attended a MBA class taught by Dr. Bob Hatfield, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research, Professor of Management at WKU Gordon Ford College of Business. These students invited Dr. Hatfield to speak at an International Conference hosted by their university. Dr. Hatfield shares with us a brief journal entry about his trip to Mexico.

University Polytechnic of San Luis Potosi

These are 4 of the 5 students (above) who visited WKU and ESLI last fall and attended my class.  They must have enjoyed my class because they invited me to speak at their International Conference this spring.  There were about 400 students in attendence when I gave the keynote speech on the first (of three) nights.  I was one of a list of speakers recruited from across the globe – as you can see from the 2-story banner on the right.  I also did radio and video for the event.  Rest assured I recruited for WKU for the last few minutes of my one-hour talk – and shook a lot of hands.

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