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Written by ESLI
Published on 2017-08-09

• Ashland Bakery

• Bookstore

• Lunch and Walk in Bayfield, WI

• Take the Boat to Madeline Island, WI

• Bike at Madeline Island

Our field trip to Madeline Island, Wisconsin, was a blast!The weather was perfect on that Thursday morning, and everyone seemed enthusiastic about the upcoming adventures. Our first destination was the Ashland Bakery in Ashland, Wisconsin. The aroma in the bakery was enchanting. Most of the students grabbed a pastry, and then we walked across the street for some refreshing beverages. Ever was excitedly photographing the surroundings and the students’ reactions. What is a day off without an educational experience? We stopped at the local bookstore and browsed around for half an hour. Some students played board games and others discussed books with the teachers. Sheng was searching for fairytale books and shared with us that his grandmother used to tell him a fairytale that left a mark on him. The store filled with laughter when we jumped on the antique fortune machine and got our fortunes for a penny.

Our next stop was Bayfield, Wisconsin. What a picturesque town! We strolled around the stores, had a lunch at a healthy restaurant that specializes in local and homemade cuisine, and then embarked on a boat trip to Madeline Island. Everyone was relaxed and smiling. The tranquility of the lake and the beautiful scenery affected our spirits in a positive way. Once we arrived on the island, we rented some bikes and biked around the island. Xingrui was playing his music, the air was fresh, the breeze from the lake was brushing against our cheeks, and we were exercising in the best possible way. At one point, we pulled over at a beach and dipped our toes in the water, commemorated the memories by taking some more photographs, chatted while sitting on the warm sand, skipped stones, and exchanged stories.

By the end of the day, we all felt rejuvenated. We are still sharing our memories and bonding over the experience. I call that a successful field trip!

Here are some of the students' impressions summarized in a sentence:

"It's fun when you travel with your friends to explore local food and views!" -Sheng

"It's not only an experience, but it also advances our relationships. Biking by the forest and the lake helped me relax." -An Thai

"I enjoyed the beach, especially because the place is so beautiful!" -Ever

"It was a valuable experience for me!" -Jiawen

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