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Written by ESLI
Published on 2017-06-20

New international students often feel lonely or out-of-place when they first come to the US to study, but a student group at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville(SIUE) is helping International students find their place on campus while introducing American students to new cultures. The Global Ambassador Program (GAP) was founded by Alexis Schad, an international business major from Shiloh. GAP became an official organization in the spring of 2016 with Alexis as president.

GAP/Tandem is a group of American and International students who pair up as language buddies to practice language or just a welcome friend. Game nights and coffee talks are offered weekly to allow students to mingle and off-campus trips to St. Louis to events and the international grocery store occur regularly. The idea is to help International students familiarize themselves with the local environment while giving American students a chance to learn about new cultures. GAP has successfully brought many American students and International students together, resulting in lasting friendships.

You can learn more about GAP by reading the article

http://www.bnd.com/living/magazine/article148592479.html or visiting their Facebook page at

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