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Written by Angelica Remache
Published on 2017-05-09
About the Author

My name is Angelica Remache. I am from Ecuador. Since I was child, my dream has been to study in another country, and now I am studying in the USA. My major is Political Science, and for this reason I am very interested in topics related with politics, rights and problems that encompass the whole world. My hobbies are reading, writing, singing and enjoying adventures.
My best experience in Superior

As one of my hobbies is enjoying adventures. Until now my best experience here has been ice skating. This activity was amazing!Actually, it was my first time that I was skating on ice, and I felt really excited because it was just incredible! First, when I arrived in Wessman Arena I felt a little bit nervous, because I had never had the opportunity to practice ice skating, but then I went to the try, and yes it was so difficult. While I started skating very slowly, I felt insecure about myself because I was afraid to fall down, but then my Korean friend helped me tocontinue. That’s how I slowly began to lose my fear and wanted to keep practicing. It took me a couple of hours to learn it well, and moments later I started to feel more confidence in myself. So in that moment I began to take speed and felt like the wind brushed my cheeks, and Iseemed to be flying. It was wonderful because I realized that life is like that, that the new experience that I am living as an international student is like skating on ice because I am sure there will be falls, but the most important thing is to face the challenge of doing something unknown and enjoy the short steps that you take in each adventure, in the adventure that is life!

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