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Written by ESLI
Published on 2017-04-07

There are a lot of great reasons for studying Science at TWU. One reason is the importance given to creating great opportunities for work and research experience.

One international student who has made the most of these opportunities is Joyce Xu, who began her Canadian studies with ESLi TWU.

Where are you from?
Beijing, China

What is your educational background?
I completed my high school in Beijing, and then came to Trinity for both ESLi and an undergraduate degree.

Why did you decide to study at TWU?
I was attracted by the small class sizes, the good reputation of the university, the good study environment, and the nice people.

Well, thank you, Joyce!

You began your studies at ESLi. How did ESLi help prepare you for university?
ESLi particularly helped me with my academic writing, and ESLi is a good transition from my life in a Chinese high school to the life in a western university. I enjoyed and appreciated all the things that I have learnt from ESLi! Writing an academic research paper is definitely one of the most important skills, in addition, weekly presentations helped me to prepare for my undergraduate presentations as well.

What are you studying at TWU?
I am taking a Chemistry major and a Natural and Applied Sciences major.

What is the best experience you have had while studying at TWU?

All the experiences were wonderful; I personally appreciate most all the jobs I have been able to do, and being able to attend Murdock conference to present a poster.

Please tell me more about the kinds of work opportunities you have had in the Science department. I have run a weekly tutorial as a teacher’s assistant (TA) in a Calculus class. I have also been a TA for a program called Science in the Valley teaching grade 7-9 students about computer science. I have worked as a Mathematics research assistant during the summer, and as a Physics 111&112 homework marker.

Wow, that is VERY impressive! What a great variety of work experience!

What would your dream job be?

I would like to be a theoretical researcher who is able to study whichever area I want.

What have you learned about Canada or Canadians during your time here?

Canadians are polite. They say "like" and "literally" all the time. Canadians don't use umbrellas when it's raining, and they really like hockey.

What is one piece of advice you would offer students thinking about coming and studying here at TWU?

Studying at TWU is extremely valuable if you would like to improve your English by daily life and conversations; however, don't isolate yourself from the situations. Join in!

Thank you so much, Joyce. "Like," that was "literally" perfect. Ha!

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