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Meet Director of ESLi at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky

Written by ESLI
Published on 2017-03-22

ESLi has recently partnered with Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky and we are excited to hear from our ESLiDirector of this school, Lacie Zahradnik. Check out her story below. More information about Sullivan University, visit http://esli-intl.com/Search/sullivan_university_louisville

I am the director of ESLi’s new location at Sullivan University. I am already on campus working to get things prepared for new students, including housing, teachers, and special events.

This job required me to move from my home state. I moved to Kentucky from Texas. It was difficult for me to make the decision. All of my family lives in Texas, and I had bought a house there. I thought I would live in Texas all of my life. But, when I was presented with the opportunity to move, I began to be intrigued by all of the new things I could experience. Moving away from family and friends has given me a new appreciation for what our ESLi students experience when they come to study with us: a mix of sadness for the distance and excitement for the adventure and new friends.

A lot of things are different from what I was used to in Texas. The grocery store that I usually shop at isn’t even available outside of Texas! I have had to get to know new stores, restaurants, and people.

The weather has been the biggest difference between Texas and Kentucky. As a native South Texan, I have only seen snow 3 times. It hasn’t really snowed since I’ve been in Louisville, but the temperatures have definitely been colder than what I am used to. I love it, though! I am the type of person who would rather be cold than hot!

The university is great, too! It is smaller than some other universities, so there is an instant feeling of community. It is also very career-oriented (they offer employment assistance for students who graduate). The faculty and staff here maintain a culture of professionalism, while still being genuine and friendly. Everyone says hello to me in the hallways, even if I have not been introduced to them yet.

But it’s not all work and no play. Since Sullivan University is located in Louisville, KY there are many things to see and do. Parks, sports, live music, andrestaurants of all kinds are just some of the attractions. Everyone can find something they like in Louisville.

Even though I miss my friends and family, I am not so sad because I know that I will make more friends along the way. I am so excited to meetall of our new students in the fall 2017quarter!

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