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ESLI at SIUE Prepares Students For Job Search In The U.S.

Written by ESLI
Published on 2017-03-08
ESli Pre-University and Intermediate I-skills classes learned one of the ways Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Career Development Center helps students find internships and future careers. The event is separated into 3 days—day 1 is all education-related employers; day 2 liberal arts and business; day 3 engineering. Through assignments designed to apply critical thinking skills, ESLi students spoke with employers and observed how to act and dress when looking for a job in the US. In fact, Jihoon Kim, who completed ESLi Summer 2015 and is about to complete his Master's in TESOL, was there sharing his resume!

Teacher Sarah Wetstein and former ESLi student Jihoon Kim-South Korea.

Students speaking with a company on the Engineering Day. (L-R Ruwa Abdeljawad-Jordan, Husain Al-Eid-KSA, Hamzah Olfat-KSa, Krystel Vannia Perea Gongora-Peru)

Students speaking with potential employers. (L-R: Abdulrahman “Sami” Aljohani-KSA, Hussain Alanazi-KSA)

Students checking their assignment sheets after speaking with a local police department recruiter. (L-R: Jianan Chen-China, Thu Thi Anh Nguyen-Vietnam)

ESLI Centers in the United States are accredited by CEA.