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Student Post: Keeping Fit at UWS

Written by Cristina Amábile Echeverry
Published on 2016-11-12

About the author: My name is Cristina Amábile Echeverry. I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I arrived to UWS on August 27th. Right now I am doing ESLI courses and I am planning to study at this university for international business. I like a lot of sports, especially soccer, because in Colombia this is a very well-known sport, but I also like going to the gym and being healthy. That is why this is my favorite hobby at UWS.

When I was in Colombia, I used to look for virtual tours of the UWS campus and my favorite place was the MWC (Marcovich Wellness Center). It is a very nice place that has a fitness center, weight room, pool, basketball courts, soccer courts, volleyball courts and even a climbing wall. I was looking forward to knowing this place, until I finally did and I liked it a lot.

Now that I live in UWS, my favorite hobby is to go to the MWC gym every day. I spend one or two hours there. I like to do it because it is a way I can relax, forget for a while about studies, hang out with my friends and even meet new people.

There are some times when instead of going to the gym I prefer to play some sports like volleyball or soccer; they are also very fun. The most important thing is my favorite thing to do at campus: every day I am looking forward to finishing classes, doing homework and finally going to the gym or hanging out in the MWC.

It is the best place at the UWS campus!

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