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Student Post: Warming Wisconsin's Winter

Written by Shuying Wu
Published on 2016-10-28

About the author: My name is Shuying Wu. I come from Canton, which is a modern city in China. I came to UWS for a university education. I have been here since last winter. I have been in the ESLI program for almost one year. One more thing, I will enter to the University of Wisconsin Superior in the following spring semester. And my hobbies are cooking and shopping.

The winter in Superior is extremely cold for people who have never lived in the snowy day. As the time goes by, cooking has become my favorite activity after class. And I usually cook with my friends. This hobby has become an important way for me to make a new friend and become close with other friends, which is also a way to know the cultures from other countries.

Also, shopping is the best choice of the entertainment for me. I can say that shopping is a good way for me to reduce the stress from school. Whenever I go to the mall, I will feel very happy, even if I do not buy anything. We can see many fancy things and also can meet many different people.

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