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Student Post: Learning & Growing at TWU

Written by ESLI
Published on 2016-10-25

About the author (written by her teacher): This week, our spotlight is on Laura Lei, an ESLi alumnus now taking the MA Leadership program at Trinity Western University. Laura made a great impact at ESLi with her abundant energy and friendly nature. She also won the prize for outstanding PMP student. I’m sure with her great desire to succeed academically and to be a positive influence on those around her, Laura will achieve her goals and more!

Where are you from? I am from Guangxi, China.

How did you learn about ESLi and Trinity Western University? I went online and found TWU, so I phoned the school. I asked questions on the phone, and the teacher gave me lots of advice patiently. She even invited me to the school campus and explained the program to me. Because my IETLS is not high enough, I was invited to study PMP before I could get in the MA program.

You went directly into the Pre-Master’s Program at ESLi. How do you feel this program helped prepare you for your graduate studies? I am very grateful for what I’ve learned in ESLi. I believe that ESLi really prepared me for my MA study. I studied English Education when I was in university and I taught English in a middle school in China. Even though I speak fluent English, the PMP program still helped me a lot to adapt to the graduate study. In the PMP program I studied 4 subjects. The listening and speaking course helped to improve my pronunciation and prepared me with presentation skills and practices. In other courses I learned about critical thinking, and different types of writing skills such as summary, article review, project proposal. I also learned how to write comparison, cause and effect and argument essays. All the teachers worked really hard. They taught us step by step. All I learned was very helpful in my MA study.

What did you enjoy most about your time at ESLi? To be honest, I really enjoyed the learning process and my improvements. I am very thankful to my excellent teachers for their hard work. They really wanted us to succeed and tried their best to help us. All the teachers and staff were very friendly. The classmates were very nice and we helped each other. Some of us have become close friends after graduation.

What were your impressions of the Trinity Western University campus in Langley? It is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. It is close to a forest and the air is nice and clean. There are Canada geese couples living in our campus. When the geese parents are having babies, the students were warned to leave them some space because the Father Goose is protecting his family. LOL! It is just so cute. There are tall, old trees and lots of flowers in the campus. In spring when cherry blossoms bloom, it is just amazing. When the flowers started to fall, everyone comes out to take pictures of “Cherry blossom rain”!

What are you studying now and how are you enjoying it? I started MA Leadership in Business in September, 2016. So far I’ve enjoyed my success in completing the first course. The first course is foundation of leadership theories and practice. The course required lots of skills such as presenting, reading and writing. My study at ESLi has made me very confident with MA study, and I did really well.

What are your future goals? My goal is to work hard at all the other courses and graduate with a high score. I hope to find a job in Canada after I graduate from MA Lead.

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