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Student Post: Advice and Encouragement

Written by ESLI
Published on 2016-10-04

Harry is currently enrolled at SIUE, and chose to share some wisdom and encouragement he has learned in his last year as a student in North America. Here are his words for you.

Hello everyone. I am Harry. I am from China. I have come SIUE since summer semester 2015. I started ESLi from level 3. ESLI Not only help me improve skills of English, but also give me a good chance to understand culture and life of U.S.

When you are learning these classes, you may not recognize how they are useful. When you study in SIUE, you will see reading and writing classes in U.S colleges are important at all time. If you can’t read your books or do your homework very well, your confidence and grade would be influenced. When you graduate from ESLI, you will need to know the advanced skills of English.

The speaking and listening classes are basic skills of living in U.S. and studying in the university. You need to spend time to speaking English with other people too, because ESLI teachers don’t speak very fast all the time. You must know most of your classmates are not native speakers. When you learn in SIUE, native speakers won’t speak slowly and specially only for you. You have to adapt the surroundings.

ESLI classes can be hard sometimes, but you just need to pay attention and spend time to doing them. College classes are harder, and you need to study more. Keep on, don’t give up.

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